Monday, February 8, 2010

Mercedes Benz 500K

The K Series was born as the highest class touring car to replace the traditional S/SS series.First, Model 380K was introduced in 1933, and as early as in the next year, 1934, the 500K Series that had evolved from the 380K replaced it. Conventionally, the letter K represented “Kurz” (short), but the letter K in the new series means Kompressor (with a compressor). It usually exerted 100PS at the maximum, but when the compressor actuated, it achieved 160PS together with a mechanical sound called “a war cry of Walkure” and was able to drive the body that weighs about 2.2t up to 160km/h.The chassis was equipped with the 4W independent drives and 4W hydraulic brakes with a servo, which were well ahead of its time. In those days, it had been a tradition to consign the bodies of high class cars to noted coach builders, but Mercedes Benz did not choose so but conducted equally brilliant and scrupulous coach work at its own plant in Sindelfingen.The bodies came with Cabriolet A, B and C and Limousine. The 500K in an elegant 1935 body was a model called special roadster. The production volume is said to be 25. Data: 5,018cm3 water-cooled 8-cylinder OHV super-charged engine, producing 100PS/160PS; top speed 160km/h.

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