Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chinese Phoenix

Known in Chinese as Fenghuang, the Chinese Phoenix is a mythological bird, that is said to reign over all other winged creatures. The males are known as Feng and the females as Huang. They are said to be similar in appearance to a peacock, but are about 130~170cm tall and colored in five vibrant shades. They sing a melody that spans five different notes. The Fenghuang is said to drink from sacred springs and feed on bamboo seeds, and nest only in wu t'ung trees. In the Classic of Rites, the Fenghuang is named as one of the four holy animals of Chinese mythology, along with the unicorn Qilin, the tortoise Gui Xian, and the dragon Long. With this papercraft you can create a bright, five-colored Fenghuang in flight position. The model measures approx. 65cm in length and 60cm across.

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