Friday, September 2, 2011

FN SCAR-L Papercraft (Assault Rifle)

FN SCAR assault rifle paper craft model kit
With this SCAR-L release I create again a new category which is firearms and guns, because there are already enough models to have their own category instead of inside Military. Unlike the other rifles papercraft model kit which usually look metal black, I like this tan colored assault rifle. This Light variant or Mk16 use 5.56 caliber bullet rounds, the other the heavy one H type or Mk17 use 7.62 NATO rounds. This model kit is a life-size rifle so I recommend to use 160 gram or heavier, if you can print it in Printershop (digital printer) is better and use 230 gram Art card. I bet it will looks like you have a new bad-as* airsoft gun, but it doesn't fire and that's a good thing I guess :p. I also planning to  release the blank

FN SCAR-L Papercraft (Assault Rifle)
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