Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pertamina's Oil Truck, Pertamax Carrier - Papercraft

This model is a part of Truck series. Fortunately i am interested in oil truck carrier, and i choose Pertamina as the state owned corporation that operates so many oil trucks. There are so many Pertamina's oil trucks on the street and it helps a lot because there are just lack of oil truck references on the internet. So that, i need to do a little research to get sufficient references of Pertamax Carrier oil truck, especially their photos. Just for your information, Pertamax is the top Pertamina's product of gasoline. In the fact, Pertamax has higher octan value than premium, another Pertamina's product of gasoline. So that, Pertamax is better for your car than premium, but it is more expensive.
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