Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sailship:Cutty Sark

This is a tea-clipper built by Scot and Linton Co. of England in 1869. The Cutty Sark is the only extant tea-clipper. A tea clipper means a high speed sailing ship that transported tea from China to Europe, and all ships competed the transportation speed. The Cutty Sark was at its full blast to crown the end of the era of sailing ships with perfection in those days, but as the Suez Canal was completed and steamboats have emerged, the change of times forced tea clippers to retire. The Cutty Sark was sold to Portugal at one time, but returned to England in 1922, and preserved and exhibited along the Thames since 1954. It was burnt down by fire during the restoration work on decrepitude caused by long open-air exhibition, but since most of the parts had been retained in other locations, the restoration work is still in progress today. Canon-Creative Park

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